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For Your Consideration


Taylor's debut album, For Your Consideration, was released in the Spring of 2009.  Here's the track list (with a few samples):

  1. Don't Know How I Got Here
  2. For Your Consideration
  3. Clarity
  4. Ride Into The Sunset
  5. Fun While it Lasted
  6. Diamonds and Rust
  7. Trick of the Light
  8. Secluded Roads
  9. Shelter From The Storm
Produced by Michael Johnston. Recorded at The Lincoln County Social Club.

Mixed and engineered by Chris Stringer. Mastered by Jeff Elliott.
Taylor Mitchell Vocals, acoustic Guitar
John Dinsmore Lead electric guitar, Lap Steel, Acoustic guitar on track 3, Bass on track 1,5,8,10, mandolin on track 1.
Jason Mercer Bass on track 2,4,6,7,9, banjo on track 7.
Lynn Miles Rhythm electric guitar, acoustic guitar on track 3, vocals on track 4,6,7, mandolin on track 3.
Noel Webb drums, tambourine, shaky skull.
Ariana Gillis Vocals on track 3.
Anne Lindsay Fiddle on track 2,3.
Michael Johnston Wurlitzer on track 6, piano on track 2, vocals on track 2.
Justin Rutledge Vocals on track 4, harmonica on track 9.
Chris Stringer Electric guitar on track 4,8.
Suzie Vinnick Acoustic Guitar on track 8, vocals on track 2,8.
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