Tour Blog #2

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Tour blog 2: Small towns, country roads
Oct 23

YAY! INTERNET! First thing I do when I get home is buy an Iphone. I spent the past three days driving through the beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Fall is definitely the time to see this country, although the weather could be better. It’s rained three out of four days. Tuesday was nice. I drove from Ottawa to Montmagny, Q
. Classic small French town. Luckily I was in a French Emersion school for nine years.

Day two was spent driving from Montmagny to Grand Falls, NB. Driving through the Appalachian mountains was breathtaking. Towns are hours apart and all you can see is river and red trees and mountain. I started my “must come back here one day” list. Grand Falls is in the middle of nowhere New Brunswick. I had to drive twenty minutes down a small country road to get to my bed for the night. The Lakeside Lodge is, as the name suggests, situated in the middle of a small forest, right beside a beautiful lake. As it was very late in the season, I was the only person staying in the main lodge (they close this weekend).  I thought this was great…until I came back from dinner in the dark, turned on the TV and watched the first half hour of The Shining. I didn’t get much sleep that night.

Thursday was spent driving to Sackville through a white-out snowstorm. My first time driving in the snow and my hands were shaking the whole time. When the range rover behind me and the logging truck in front of me pulled over, I figured I should do the same. Four hours later I drove into Sackville. I finally found a Laundromat and got two loads done. I have never been so excited to do laundry in my entire life. The next night I played a show at the Bridge St. café. The show was okay, but the café itself and it’s staff were incredible. They definitely made this girl feel right at home. Thanks guys!!!

Saturday I played at the Broadway Café in Sussex, NB. The café was incredible and the food was ridiculously good. The place was packed with a very attentive audience and it was one of my favourite shows.  Shows like that serve as constant reminders as to why I’m in this crazy crack den of a business. All the hours spent dealing with the politics and beating your head against a wall are totally worth it once you get in front of an audience. Despite being tired, cold, and homesick, I was buzzing with happiness and couldn’t wait for the next show!!!

Favourite color: Yellow, as in the color of the sun…which I haven’t seen in days.
Favourite food: The seafood linguini at the Broadway café.
Favourite drink: Coffee. Black. In an IV bag.
Thought of the day: One day I will build a house in the mountains.
Word of the day: Snow.
Song of the day: Suds in the bucket by Sara Evans
Item I wish I had: a Parka
Item I’m glad I brought: Mittens!!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of the east coast saga. Two and a half weeks to go!

Much Love,

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