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Posted by the Webmaster, November 8, 2009   

I've been thinking lately about the correlation of Taylor's website going down to the  fateful day it happened.  As news spread of Taylor's death on October 28, 2009, people did as people do and they went to the internet to learn more.  If you visited www.taylormitchell.ca in those early hours you noticed it was down.  I sure did. 


Not only was it down, it was down in a way that was weirder than any way I've seen a website be down. It didn't seem like it had been hacked, it just seemed like something was terribly wrong.   When I ultimately tracked down the problem, I found 6 files that had been overwritten with gibberish (even though that's impossible).  Guess what the timestamps on those files were?


We search for meaning, but meaning doesn't always come. 


Taylor left the world unjustly early.  It's safe to say that most people who are visiting this site had not heard of Taylor before she went.  This is a site that she put up as she was starting her music career, and so it will remain as a way for you to hear her music.  She only had time to make one album, and she made a beautiful one with her producer and friend Michael Johnston.


Please visit Taylor's Music Page


Other things you might be looking for: Words from Taylor's Mom; The Taylor Mitchell Memorial Fund; Sign the Guestbook; Video of Taylor's last performance.   


At Taylor's memorial (view a PDF of the Memorial Card), it was asked that in lieu of flowers, donations could be made to the Toronto Wildlife Centre.  If you still wish to do that, you can call them at 416-631-0662 x3205, or  email  them at admin@torontowildlifecentre.com.  There is also a Taylor Mitchell Memorial Fund being raised.  


If you'd like to be notified of significant changes to Taylor's website (like when digital downloads of Taylor's music become available), please email me.  












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