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"It’s hard to believe that Taylor Mitchell is just 18 years old. Her country-tinged folk pop sounds like it comes from someone of a completely different generation, and her voice has none of the tentative frailty we’d expect from someone her age... She [also] lets loose with a bit of country rock sass..."
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"When George Bernard Shaw so famously noted that youth was wasted on the young, he hadn’t heard Taylor Mitchell sing...All this and a powerful live show ripe with surprises: she has an already-accomplished stage manner and the ability to rock things into Crazy Horse territory with all the confidence of somebody twice her age."

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"Taylor Mitchell is a singer who defies her youthfulness by exhibiting a timeless confidence and professional style on stage that is seldom seen in performers so early...

At 18, to have the enough credibility and talent to secure respect from such musical veterans says a lot about her future."

Steve Tennant- from Musical musings   


"Taylor Mitchell's debut CD belies her young age. It's filled with depth, honesty, and talent that is rare and genuine, and is a sign of even greater things to come. Watch her fly."
Lynn Miles


"Taylor Mitchell is a friendly old soul.  She sings what she knows, and she knows what she sings.  Everytime I see her, I ask myself:  how is it possible for an 18-year-old to write and sing with such honesty and courage?" - Michael Johnston


“Taylor Mitchell has been diligently listening to the songs of the greats all of her young life – Lightfoot, Joni, Neil Young to name a few – she is on her way to building a sweet collection of her own. Her youthful enthusiasm and catchy, melodic tunes will draw you in.”  -Suzie Vinnick


"She's a wonderful young talent and I'm sure she has a bright musical career ahead!  I look forward to featuring more tracks on future shows!"
Greg Schatzmann,  CJLX, "Sunday Coffeehouse"
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