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the view from the garden

May 5th, 2009


What a beautiful spring day! I've been out in the garden or at the park all week and am soaking up as much good weather as I can before it gets too hot (I am Canadian after all) or rains again. To me, spring always signifies new beginnings and fresh starts. As much as I hate household chores, I find myself eager to dust and mop and clean away all remnants of winter. I may even give the walls a fresh coat of paint...maybe.


Spring is also one of the most inspiring times to write. Each season casts a different shadow on your songs. The fall and winter seasons are a time of introspection, and when I write my most melancholy and self analytical work. It is a cathartic experience, but by the time spring rolls around, I find myself longing for songs in a major key. Songs about love and happiness and all the little things. Songs to accompany my ridiculous summer road trips and Sundays spent lounging on the grassy hills of Grenadier Pond. Yes, spring has definitely arrived.


What's next on the docket? Honky night in Canada at the Silver Dollar (May 14th), an interview and performance on CIUT (May 21st) and some much needed shoe shopping. Here's my it list for the Month of May:


Music: Joel Plaskett- Three

Movies: The African Queen

Books: Silent Spring-Rachel Carson

Poems: All in green went my love riding- E.E.Cummings


Much love and many thanks,


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