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Howdy Everyone! This page is dedicated to the amazing musicians, photographers, designers, and all around good people who have helped me out along the way. Please take some time to check them out. Also, be sure to check out my other music pages. What would our lives be without Mysapce and Facebook???

Taylor's other music community:


  • - Where it all started.

  • - Taylor's online EPK.

  • Taylor's Facebook Music page - Become a fan!

The extended family:



  • - The Producer, dear friend, writing partner, singer-songwtier, and member of the incredibly awesome Canadian band "The Skydiggers".
  • - The lovely and incredibly talented mapleblues award winner and Juno nominee. This lady will most definitely knock your socks off with her powerful vocals and superb guitar work.
  • - "a female cross between Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen". Juno winner and undeniable songwriting force, she will break your heart and reduce you to a laughing fit...all in the same show.
  • - Photographer extraordinaire and music nut.
  • - a wonderful community of Ontario based folk festivals and musicians.
  • - An online retailer on fantastic Canadian music.
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